T3d.mesh to switch mesh settings

How does it work to switch the paramate mesh setting in my ghx script? Long time ago you sent me a value list (t3d.mesh) with different mesh parameters (screenshot attached). Because it is a “t3d.” and not “t3d_” I cannot use it as a usual parameter. I would like to switch the mesh setting to higher resolution before printing it. For rendering and ongoing configuration session the mesh should have a lower resolution.
Looking forward to your help!
Greetings, Sebastian
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Hi Sebastian,

the mesh resolution is not chosen by the user, but by paramate. The entry for “0” is the one for visualization. So it should be set for fast meshing. The entry for “1” is used when sending a .stl model download request to the server. So you set this one to your printing requirements.

You can find an overview on the mesh settings here:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Hi Thomas,
thanks for explanaiton! I will check some different settings.

Hi Thomas,
the process you explained doesn’t work. Have a look at the models that are downloaded from paramate and how they usually should look with this settings.
The picture shows one example. High resolution: how it should. Low resolution: how it is downloaded and printed from paramate.
(The 3d-printed parts show exactly the mesh structure.)
Kind regards, Sebastian

Ok, I have found the mistake. The number of solids makes a difference. The part in the picture with higher resolution is made of one solid. The part with lower resolution is made of two seperate solids.