Extrusion between two sketches

I’m looking for a way to build a solid in order to connect two face planes of two solids. Is there a smart way to extrude a solid out of two sketches like in the picture with the red one and the green one? If not I would just extrude small Squares along a bezier curve in a loop but that solution doesn’t seems to be ass accurate and makes the script quite slow with higher resolution.

Hi Sebastian,

Extruding using the 2 sketches directly, not really.

How do you define those sketches? Maybe we could think of other strategies and suggest other tools for you.




so you want to define the red and green closed loop curve and get the solid from that? No, this is currently not possible. Although I have considered it already one or two times as a new feature since it might surely be useful for many applications.

But depending on the geometry of your curves there might be alternative ways of constructing it. If it is roughly like in your sketch you might e.g.

  • extrude in orthogonal direction
  • or make two extrusions from each of the curves and intersect these

Maybe Bruno or Christian have other ideas of solving it in a smart way.

Best regards,